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Traveazy Group, born from a vision in Dubai in 2014, is committed to inspire, innovate, and deliver impact as the premier one-stop online travel hub globally.

We harness innovative technology to enhance both B2B and B2C travel experiences, ensuring customer satisfaction and redefining industry standards.

Home to top travel brands in the region.

Traveazy Group showcases a multifaceted portfolio tailored to diverse travel needs.

Our expansive suite encompasses three main brands, specializing in global leisure travel, Umrah voyages, extended Saudi explorations, and corporate travel services.

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Market-leading travel solutions for enabling effortless booking and management.

Decade-spanning experience and top-rated team delivering custom travel experiences 24/7.

Precision-crafted travel experiences based on preferences.

Strategic partnerships across 50+ countries providing local insights.

Around-the-clock assistance from a dedicated team of travel experts.

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Traveazy Group is honored to have received positive recognition for their work in the travel industry.

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Traveazy’s trajectory is propelled by the strategic investments of our distinguished partners.

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Hear from our founders on the visionary insights driving Traveazy's growth.

Mohammed Binmahfouz

Co-Founder & CEO of Umrahme

“Our approach revolves around fostering trust, building connections, and constantly innovating to meet evolving needs”

Geet Bhalla

Co-Founder & Group CEO

“Our approach revolves around fostering trust, building connections, and constantly innovating to meet evolving needs”

Real people. Real impact.

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