Mānuka Health x Rush Digital

Content Marketing & Digital Strategies
For Mānuka Health

The brand

Mānuka Health

New Zealand-based company renowned for its production of pure Mānuka Honey and related bee products. They are a global brand serving regions like the US, Australia, and APAC with a focus on health and wellness.

The brief

Content Management for Mānuka Health

I’ve been assigned the role of crafting copy, overseeing creative direction, and curating conversion-focused content for Mānuka Health. This responsibility was crucial for assisting other team members to effectively implement marketing strategies and drive revenue targets.

The services

What I Did at Mānuka Health

Here’s a breakdown of the services I offered for propelling the brand’s narrative, strategic goals, and growth in the digital marketing space.

Promotional Marketing Plan & Direction

The creatives were aligned with target audience’s interests, and brand guidelines.

Content Marketing & Calendar Management

Quarterly content calendars synced with seasonal trends to drive targeted KPIs.

Lead Generation Marketing Strategies

Campaigns to gather first-party data and acquire new high-quality leads.

SEO Focused PDP Optimizations

Constantly updating PDPs as per SEO-approved content and shopping behaviour.

Creative Campaign Planning & Marketing

Campaign planning to boost awareness, engagement, and conversions.

Website Content Optimizations

Optimizing homepage for promotions

Supporting the Dev team with optimization efforts to enhance the shopping experience.

Landing Page Creation

Building high-converting landing pages to boost conversion rates. 
Link: Mānuka Honey for gut health

Email Marketing & Creative Direction

Assisting the CRM team with plan and creatives to drive repeat purchases.

UGC Strategy & Influencer Scripts

Working directly with client to strategize UGC content to drive conversions.

Digital Growth Hacks

Implementing growth hacks like bundling for enhanced AOV.

Target markets

I’ve strategically driven brand presence and growth for Mānuka Health through effective content marketing for these markets.