Traveazy x Amreen

Copywriting for Traveazy Group Dubai

The brand

Traveazy Group

The Traveazy Group is a Dubai-based travel group that caters to both B2C and B2B domains. Their brand Umrahme sells pilgrimage packages to Saudi Arabia, while Holidayme focuses on travel agents, equipping them with tech to help sell travel packages. 

The brief

Copywriting for the 3 brands

I’ve supported the brand with storytelling, website content, social media copy, and copywriting for other creative assets.

The services

What I Did at Traveazy

Traveazy ran different awareness, conversion-based, and lead-generation campaigns, for which I supported them with content/copy ensuring it matched their tonality, style of writing, brand story, and target audience.

Paid media copywriting

Wrote ad copies based on target audience and campaign objectives

Social media copywriting

Developed engaging social media copy that mirrored their unique brand voice

LinkedIn post writing

Crafted targeted messaging for their LinkedIn pages

Link: Umrahme LinkedIn

Website content 

Crafted website content to convey brand’s mission and services.

Link: Holidayme website

Trade show content

Supported the brand with content for various trade show materials

Travel brochure

Crafted the messaging for Holidayme’s travel brochure

Video scripts

Script writing for UGC and brand-awareness campaigns for paid media

WhatsApp copy

Drafted short and clear WhatsApp messages for various promotions.

SEO-focused blogs

Drafted trending blogs to educate website visitors and rank in Google.

Link: Saudi Arabia tourism

Travel guides

Developed captivating SEO-focused travel guides for Umrahme
Link: Umrahme Travel Guides

Target markets

Developed culturally attuned content for their target audience mainly in the UAE, blending local lingo and marketing nuances with the brand’s tone of voice.